Make Photo Gifts to Cherish with Flip-Pal Scanner
Christmas is just around the corner! Did you know personalized gifts are trending?

In our age of cookie-cutter machine made, mass produced items, a personalized gift really is something to cherish!

There are so many opportunities today to make photo gifts that are customized for you, but a problem that many people face is that they don’t have a good quality scanner to capture these photos. They need an easy way to get them out of photo albums and relative’s houses and museums in order to scan for these digital projects. A couple of years ago I learned about the Flip-Pal Scanner and I knew this would be a perfect solution. It is super easy to use and captures high-quality (up to 600ppi) scans so they can be used for making photo gifts.

Once you have your photos in a digital format you can really go to town and make some super special items.

Make Photo Gifts

Here are some ideas genealogy guru Thomas MacEntee shared recently on his blog that I think will inspire you!

  • Calendars: Create desktop or wall calendars with a different family photo for each month. Use your genealogy research to write a brief description of the people or places depicted in the photographs. Also, don’t forget to include those birthdates and anniversaries on each day!
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments: What’s nice about photo ornaments is that they are brought out each year and bring back memories. As you can see from the photo above, I’ve scanned my family photos, mounted them on cardstock, and then, using a glue gun, I’ve decorated them with preserved cedar and dried rosebuds for a Victorian look.
  • Wearables and Other Gifts: Online stores such as Café and let you upload photos to create t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. Don’t forget that you can also create mouse pads, tote bags, buttons and even iPhone cases using those same photos. A nice aspect of using these online stores is that once the holidays are over, family members can go and order the items they want at any time!
  • Printable Fabric: Local fabric and hobby stores carry cotton fabric that you can print with your inkjet printer, just like paper. It is colorfast and can make great wall hangings, throw pillows, or even a heritage quilt.
  • Photobooks: The self-publishing concept has become so much easier by using sites like,, and even superstore sites like and Upload your photos, select a template, a paper type and a binding format and you’re on your way to creating a memorable book.

Read Thomas MacEntee’s complete article here.

 These scanners not only can help you make your Christmas gifts,
they are also a wonderful gift for a scrapbooking or genealogy hobbyist as well!

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