Working with publishers and manufacturers

There's more here than just pretty artwork. Hardworking, marketing minded, product designing creatives at work.
  • Custom Illustration

    Bring your story to life with a whimsical and beautiful illustration by Cherish Flieder. Please consider her work for your book, magazine, blog, packaging illustration needs.  Illustration Portfolio Preview    

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  • Art Licensing

    Driven by a joyful passion for art, Cherish is breathing life and hope into the world. Her art licensing collections capture that happiness and are ready to be applied to your new product offering. Not all of her available art...

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  • Package Design

      Creating wonderful product is only half the journey to a successful product launch. Cherish and her team are pleased to additionally offer package design that enhances the eye-appeal of your new products. With years of pre-press experience developing our...

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  • Product Design

    Whether it’s a children’s book, journal, handbag, shoes, stationery set, calendar, cutting board, baseball cap, dress, men’s tie, or something else you have in mind, allow us to help you bring it to life. Cherish and her reliable team have...

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