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Celebrating Art & Licensing

So, the last year has been a little quiet here at SomethingToCherish.com because I have been devoting my main attention to create something very special for the art licensing community. I am happy to announce that we are now celebrating our first anniversary on the new site I created called ArtLicensingShow.com. I actually started working on…

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Art Licensing Spotlight Artist

This month I am a featured spotlight artist on Annie Troe’s art licensing show blog! Some fun things I share with Annie: Art school or self taught What mediums I work in Where I get some of my inspiration from What I am working on now (Hint: Some exciting product design, art retreat, and art licensing community updates!) Early riser…

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5 Ways to Create a Home That Shows off Your Fashion Sense

Decorating should be a personal experience that helps you tell your story and show off your fashion sense, here are 5 tips to get you started.

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92 Pages of Free Holiday Coloring!

Download 92 FREE Holiday Coloring Pages to SHARE with your groups, friends & family! Do you know of any children’s hospitals, nursing homes, recovery support groups, counseling centers, shelters, study groups, places of healing and hope, schools, anywhere where people gather and would enjoy coloring some holiday art?

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Mysterious Marsala

Summer’s cooling down and Pantone’s Marsala color for 2015 is heating up!

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Get up and keep going…

Though the journey may be difficult, keep thinking about all those who probably gave up at this point or would give up at this difficult turn in the road. Remember that you are in this for the long-haul and do what it takes to muster the courage to keep going. You are almost there… get up…

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Inspiration in and out of the studio. Follow me on Instagram @cherishart <3

Cherish Flieder

The Artist Entrepreneur Network recently interviewed me on the topic of art licensing. 


Our new art licensing portfolio site is featured on the one and only Artsy Shark!


I was recently a guest speaker on the very first Surface Pattern Design Guild webinar. We talked about everything related to Social Media. Replays are available to members.