Swedish Dala Horse Collection

The Dala Horse is the unofficial symbol of Sweden and a great inspiration to many.

Washi Tape

Terra Cotta Trends - Luminary Hedgehog Our hedgehog luminary is handmade of red clay terra cotta from the Baja region of Mexico. Sun-dried and oven-fired. This durable attractive luminary is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. To illuminate simply insert a candle, battery or electric powered light (not included). Color: Slate (Grey Green)

Garden Luminaries

Cherish Flieder's Dala Horse Ribbon


Kitchen Tea Towels


Decorative Pillows

Christmas & Holiday Cards

Greeting Cards

Zebra Paper Towels Invented by Glen Mullins and Designed by Cherish Flieder

Paper Towels

Buttons & Pins

Journals & Notebooks

Elements by Cherish

Fashion Accessories + Gifts Inspired by Nature Elements by Cherish is a striking collection of accessories and gifts designed to empower women through the beauty and wisdom of nature. Each item features an artistic interpretation of one of the classic elements — earth, water, fire, air, and cosmos. The items’ tags feature a few phrases to…


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