Better Homes and Gardens Editor’s Choice Washi Tape Design

Crafts, Washi Cherish Flieder 3 min read

How exciting it was to see one of my custom designed washi tape design packs selected as “Editor’s Choice” on Better Home’s and Gardens website shop along side of many of the other designs I’ve created! How do you like to use washi tape? I use it in my day planner and card making mostly, but…

Valentine's Day Art for Licensing on Fabric by Cherish Flieder of Something to Cherish

Top Design: Valentine Pattern Design Challenge with Robert Kaufman

News & Events Cherish Flieder 1 min read

It is an honor to share with you that my “Heart-Full” watercolor pattern design was selected by Robert Kaufman to be in the Top 6 Designs for the Art Licensing Show Valentine’s Day Art Challenge! This print was inspired by some of my favorite winged insects and birds as they carry a message of love to their Valentine. Loose…

Pottery Barn – Premiere Pop-Up Art Shop Event

Art Exhibitions Cherish Flieder 1 min read

I am excited to announce my very first “pop-up shop” for Something to Cherish®, hosted by Pottery Barn! Over the past couple of years, I have been exploring some diverse painting styles and approaches to art making. I am thrilled to be invited share this new artwork with you at this premiere event. August 20, 2016 Pottery…


Summer Art Classes for Teens and Art Biz Classes for Adults

Education Cherish Flieder 16 min read

This summer, Benjamin Hummel and Cherish Flieder will be teaching several workshops for adults and teens through the city of Westminster, Colorado. See what is going on. Register online throughWestminster Parks and Rec or call 303-658-2900. Social Media Marketing Tuesday, June 14 6:30-8:30 pm Find out how you can use the latest social media tools to tell…

Around the World with 80 Artists

Coloring, Crafts, Downloads, Recommended Books Cherish Flieder 6 min read

Around the World with 80 Artists: A Creative Art Academy Arts and Crafts Adventure   This is an incredible collection of craft ideas from around the globe. I am honored to be a contributor and applaud Mahe Zehra Husain for her vision to unify creators around the world with a beautiful spark of inspiration and a…

Celebrating Art & Licensing

Art Licensing Cherish Flieder 5 min read

So, the last year has been a little quiet here at because I have been devoting my main attention to create something very special for the art licensing community. I am happy to announce that we are now celebrating our first anniversary on the new site I created called I actually started working on…

Art Licensing Elegant Beauty Watercolor Collection Preview by artist Cherish Flieder of Something to Cherish

Art Licensing Spotlight Artist

About Cherish Cherish Flieder 1 min read

This month I am a featured spotlight artist on Annie Troe’s art licensing show blog! Some fun things I share with Annie: Art school or self taught What mediums I work in Where I get some of my inspiration from What I am working on now (Hint: Some exciting product design, art retreat, and art licensing community updates!) Early riser…

92 free holiday coloring book pages from Art Licensing Show

92 Pages of Free Holiday Coloring!

Download 92 FREE Holiday Coloring Pages to SHARE with your groups, friends & family! Do you know of any children’s hospitals, nursing homes, recovery support groups, counseling centers, shelters, study groups, places of healing and hope, schools, anywhere where people gather and would enjoy coloring some holiday art?

Get up and keep going…

Inspiration/Motivation, Quotes Cherish Flieder 1 min read

Though the journey may be difficult, keep thinking about all those who probably gave up at this point or would give up at this difficult turn in the road. Remember that you are in this for the long-haul and do what it takes to muster the courage to keep going. You are almost there… get up…

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Coco Chanel
Social Media Sharable: Holiday Hoopla Chalk Art Campaign Illustrated and Designed by Cherish Flieder

Chalkboard Art & Holiday Hoopla

Design, News & Events Cherish Flieder 4 min read

It wasn’t long ago that chalkboard lettering and chalkboard art (especially on the classic blackboard) became a major trend. I’m sure you have noticed, it’s everywhere, especially at art supply stores, home decor studios, and gift shops. Plus, Pinterest is out of control with numerous, wonderful chalk board inspirational sayings. While I love studying trends, and…

2014 Biennial Faculty + Staff Exhibition, Even After Everything. Philip J. Steele Gallery Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

Even After Everything: Art Exhibition

News & Events Cherish Flieder 2 min read

2014 Biennial Faculty + Staff Exhibition, Even After Everything. Philip J. Steele Gallery  Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design October 9 – 29, 2014 The rich, creative accomplishments of our online and on-campus faculty and staff serve as a strong foundation for our college. The exhibition showcases art and design works created by members of…

Zenspirations Art by Joanne Fink

“When You Lose Someone You Love” Book on Kickstarter

Recommended Books Cherish Flieder 3 min read

Joanne entrusted me with a prototype copy of this little book and I’m telling you, it seriously has some healing powers. It is a project very near and dear to her heart. Joanne Fink began making the illustrated pages while she was grieving the sudden loss of her beloved husband. Each spread is something to cherish as…

Radiant Orchid: 2014 Pantone Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid: 2014 Pantone Color of the Year

Color Cherish Flieder 3 min read

It’s summertime here in North America and we are still going strong with the color of the year… Radiant Orchid. It was declared last December by the Pantone color experts themselves. Personally, these shades of orchid have been my personal favorites forever, so I’m not surprised to see their dynamic versatility. With the perfect balance between a warm pink and a cool…

No-Sew Natural Burlap Drawstring Bags Craft

Crafts Cherish Flieder 2 min read

This blog hop is sponsored by They sent me these cute little natural burlap bag drawstring bags. I found these darling fabric and lace embellishments on wooden spools and thought they would look great on the little burlap drawstring bags. After testing out the best colors and positioning of the trim. I cut it down and…

Transform plain cupcakes into a reason to celebrate with these easy to make washi tape embellishments.

Decorate Plain Party Paper with Washi Tape

Crafts, Washi Cherish Flieder 4 min read

Turn plain paper into PARTY TIME with a little decorative washi tape. This month’s DCC craft designer blog hop is all about parties! Over the last year our design studio, Cherished Solutions, llc  has been working to design fun washi tape designs. We have designed everything from the sports washi tape you see here to the all…

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