Make Money When You Share the Love!

Introducing the Something to Cherish® Affiliate Program! I would love to invite you to join my “CHEERFUL TEAM” of art fans! There is no cost to join. Simply sign up, confirm your email and tell us how you’d like to be paid. You will get a special link to share with friends. Or if you…

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ASMR Video Painting Watercolor Roses Art – Take a 10 Min Relaxing Break

This art ASMR video with hopeful music is designed to melt your stress away. Welcome to my art studio. You are invited to come and relax with this gentle ASMR multi-sensory video I made just for you. Unwind with me for 10 minutes as I paint a watercolor sketch of the wild roses I pressed…

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What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your journey so far?

by Cherish Flieder – Licensed Artist, Watercolor Illustrator + Product Designer As seen in Voyage Denver highlighting local hidden gems. The most important lesson I have learned is also the lesson I need to remember daily. So, I wove it into my art company tagline – “Something to Cherish®, because life is a gift.”  Every…

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Thrive Authentically

2020 is here! What is your 2020 Vision? This is how I see it. This is our year to thrive together, to be more nourished by nature, to dig our roots deeper in faith, and to share our fruitful harvest as we authentically express whom we are created to be! (Scroll to the bottom of…

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Mark English – Illustrator, Teacher, Inspiration

Remembering the life and art of Mark English For those who knew him, Mark English was considered a legend in the field of Illustration. For good reason too, he won hundreds of awards for his art and was the most awarded illustrator in the history of the Society of Illustrators including the Hall of Fame…

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ELEMENTS - Fashion Accessories + Gifts Inspired by Nature

Elements by Cherish is a striking collection of accessories and gifts designed to empower women through the beauty and wisdom of nature. Each item features an artistic interpretation of one of the classic elements --- earth, water, fire, air, and cosmos. The items' tags feature a few phrases to remind us of the powerful lessons we can learn about ourselves from the elements of our environment.

Instagram Cherish Flieder @SomethingToCherish

Living an Artful Life

Cherish Flieder shares her colorful watercolor art process, inspirational product designs, and encouragements on Instagram.