Love nature, flowers, and people and always believe that life is a gift. 

cherish flieder - something to cherish - cherishart51

Something to Cherish® is an idea, a vision created by modern watercolor designer, Cherish Flieder, to embody beautifully painted illustrations on items that we surround ourselves and our loved ones with on a daily basis. She believes that each soul is worthy of true love, is beautiful, and is fully deserving to live their most cherished life in heart, mind, body, and spirit. Flowers and all of Creation are Cherish's inspirations for translating this message of love into artistic creations that can become something to cherish. 


We believe in investing in the future by giving back in these three key areas:

  1. Nourishing women to help them realize their dreams and potential.
  2. Planting fruit trees in areas of the world where they will support both the planet and its people.
  3. Supporting artist's success through community