“The Time Club” YA Novel Kickstarter

“Does the idea of time travel fascinate you?” Benjamin J. Hummel asks. He’s the author of a new YA time-traveling novel, envisioned to become an enticing trilogy. Last week he launched his vision on Kickstarter and was fully-funded in 8 hours! So, the books are on their way. There is still time to become an…


Cherish Flieder named in TOP 50 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022!

Success Sisters Magazine Top 50 Watch List - Cherish Flieder 2022 Entrepreneurs

It is an honor to be included with this distinguished group of women entrepreneurs and featured in Success Sisters Magazine. I’m grateful for all of the wonderful people in my community who encourage me to greater heights everyday. Each day is a gift, I look forward to taking the adventure with you. Cherish Flieder Success…