Artwork © Cherish Flieder, All Rights Reserved.

Beauty Empowering Women to Live Their Most Cherished Lives

Artist and designer, Cherish Flieder, 
creates a beautiful watercolor warmth, and 
joyful whimsical charm in her work she calls 
"Something to Cherish."

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With a strong cross-generation appeal, Cherish Flieder's watercolor art is touching the hearts of the Millennial though Boomer generations.

Each piece is designed to empower women to live their most cherished lives through heart, mind, body, and soul.

Created especially to bring joy to home décor, craft, book, textile, gifts, technology, stationery, fashion accessories and many other related items. 

More about how we work with our licensing partners.
  1. Our streamlined work-flow delivers colorful, print-ready, digital files to your production team with ease.
  2. All art, no matter how it was created, is prepared DIGITALLY (i.e High-resolution Photoshop files with LAYERS when available).
  3. PRESS-READY files are prepped according to your manufacturing specifications, as needed.
  4. Let's talk about your vision. CUSTOM and private-label requests are WELCOME!


 Make your next release truly Something to Cherish®

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