Inspired by Color . . . Trends, Mixing, Management & Fun

As a designer, you know that there are probably millions of ways to arrange color palettes. Our environment is continually informing us of colors that best represent a slice of our humanity at any particular time. Technology, current events and philosophical beliefs are just some things that move and shape our color trends.

Since following color trends is an ever changing, organic and creative process, there will never be one definitive resource on the matter. However, designers and manufacturers must stay on top of these patterns, to incorporate them, to respond to them or at least, just to be aware of them.

In my efforts to stay on top of this ever changing and inspiring world of color, I have created a handy color trends toolbar to include quick and easy links to some of my favorite sites on COLOR.

Cherish COLOR Toolbar

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Trends, Mixing, Management & Fun

As a special gift to my e-zine subscribers, I would love to share this very helpful color trend toolbar – “Cherish COLOR”.

  • Designed for anyone who researches color and trends along with those who just love color and art
  • Especially helpful for manufacturers, licensees and artists
  • No risk, completely anonymous, no strings attached
  • It works on Windows, Mac and Linux and on all the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and finally Safari.

This easy to install tool bar has links to the most popular and useful sites in the areas of:

  • Color Trends + Palettes (Sites, Blogs, Books and more!)
  • Color Mixing (Color Tools, Color Management and Color Software)
  • Color Me Fun (+ Games)
  • Built in Internet search engine
  • Internet Radio (Add your favorite stations)
  • Note Pad
  • Weather
  • E-mail Notifier
  • Plus customize it by adding many “gadgets” of your choice

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