Mixed Media Canvas Painting Collage Workshop

Colorado Mixed Media Workshop

In this 3 hour Mixed Media Canvas Painting Collage Workshop, designed by artist Cherish Flieder, students learn techniques to artfully use many mediums together for both professional art and personal craft applications. They are guided through the process to make a unique canvas creation that embodies a theme of their choice. Students explore how to combine the use of watercolor, colored pencil, markers, acrylics, collage elements and embellishments like embroidery, buttons, beads, fabric scraps and more. See examples and get inspired to mix and match elements to make your art fun and vibrant!

If you are interested in participating in future classes, contact Cherish to be added to the wait list.


Embroidery & Watercolor

Something to Cherish Pear Design for License

By my artistic nature, I am an experimentalist. I am always looking for a new way to combine colors, textures, mediums. In college, I was thrilled when I learned how to combine watercolor and oil and maintain the archival quality. I also pushed the boundaries of combining digital and traditional mediums to the point where…