Richert Shows a Half Century of Stunning Work

This Friday, our children’s book mid-show reception and book signing for Prayer Posies will be held at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in tandem with one of my college painting instructors, Clark Richert.

clark richert painting

For five decades, Clark Richert has explored the beauty of pattern and shape through his geometric compositions; founded innovative artist groups; and influenced generations of talent as a RMCAD faculty member and Head of the Painting Department. Now, more than 20 of his pieces from across those 50 years will be included in his new exhibition, Clark Richert: 1960s to Present.

This exhibition will represent the evolution of Clark’s long career as a painter and include a piece on loan from the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum, as well as a new projection piece. This will be a rare opportunity to see the scope of work from an artist who has been—and continues to be—one of the most optimistic and influential voices in the world of fine art.

Attend both the Opening Reception (this Friday the 5th) and the Gallery Talk (next Wednesday the 10th), to hear from this legendary painter, innovator and educator first-hand.

If you are in the Denver area, be sure to stop by to see these unique exhibits.

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
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1600 Pierce Street | Denver CO 80214

Clark Richert: 1960s to Present
Philip J. Steele Gallery
February 5 – March 12
Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 6 – 9 pm
Gallery Talk: Wednesday, February 10, 12 pm, Mary Harris Auditorium

Prayer Posies: Cherish Flieder & Benjamin Hummel
Alumni Gallery
January 4 – March 5
Mis-Show Reception: Friday, February 5, 6 – 9 pm

About Cherish Flieder

Cherish Flieder is an internationally-featured artist, designer, creative entrepreneur, and award-winning children’s book illustrator. Cherish’s designs have been seen in fashion apparel, books, magazines, greeting cards, gifts, crafts and more. She is the creator of Something to Cherish®, an artistic brand that joyfully connects with the hearts of women through her original watercolor mixed-media artwork on pre-treasured gifts, home decor, fashion accessories, and keepsakes. Cherish is also the founder of the art licensing community She regularly teaches marketing, illustration, design, and technology at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Connect with Cherish on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.