Art Licensing Elegant Beauty Watercolor Collection Preview by artist Cherish Flieder of Something to Cherish

Art Licensing Spotlight Artist

About Cherish Cherish Flieder 1 min read

This month I am a featured spotlight artist on Annie Troe’s art licensing show blog! Some fun things I share with Annie: Art school or self taught What mediums I work in Where I get some of my inspiration from What I am working on now (Hint: Some exciting product design, art retreat, and art licensing community updates!) Early riser…

92 free holiday coloring book pages from Art Licensing Show

92 Pages of Free Holiday Coloring!

Download 92 FREE Holiday Coloring Pages to SHARE with your groups, friends & family! Do you know of any children’s hospitals, nursing homes, recovery support groups, counseling centers, shelters, study groups, places of healing and hope, schools, anywhere where people gather and would enjoy coloring some holiday art?

Water Balloon Candle Making

Crafts Cherish Flieder 3 min read

Who knew water balloon candle making could be so much fun? I recently discovered this method for using water balloons on Pinterest. So, for my fall craft blog hop project, I decided to test this out for you. Start with regular water balloons filled with water, of course. The small balloon size makes a perfect form…

Peacock Plumes Collection Nicole Tamarin

Nicole Tamarin Licensing Illustration

Artists Cherish Flieder 7 min read

I am pleased to introduce to you my art licensing friend Nicole Tamarin. We first met in person at the 2012 Surtex, and I invited her on the blog for a brief feature of her work. Of course, she is super busy doing art and caring for her family, so finally at Surtex 2013 we were…

Recess Chitchat Art by Cherish Flieder

Playground Art Discoveries

About Cherish, Art Licensing Cherish Flieder 5 min read

Let me share with you an exciting new piece that came about from a summer of art play and rediscovering places I want to take my art This artwork is all about celebrating the simple memories I have from my playground days. Slides, jump ropes, four square, hopscotch, tetherball, and others were always favorites, but mostly…

Fabric Paint Fashion Handbag

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags

Crafts Cherish Flieder 4 min read

This summer I taught my little sister how to fabric paint fashion handbags. She spent a vacation week with me to go to art and music camp. (She is a very talented dancer, actor, and singer.) We had a very busy and fun week, but we did find a little time to do some crafting together….

How to Mod Podge Pencils

How to Mod Podge Pencils : Crafting Techniques Video

Crafts, Mod Podge Cherish Flieder 1 min read

Take an ordinary pencil and turn it into something fun and beautiful. Be first in your class this school year by making your own custom pencils using Mod Podge. It’s really easy, I’ll show you how… Watch this video on YouTube If you want some cool printable papers to make pencils like this, feel free to check…

Just Peaceful - Watercolor by Cherish Flieder, Something to Cherish

Just Peaceful – 7th Annual ArtBash!

Community/Philanthropy Cherish Flieder 3 min read

The ArtBash is an annual silent auction held in Denver, Colorado to support the Philip J. Steele Arts Education Foundation. The foundation offers educational opportunities in the arts to students in Colorado helping them realize their dreams. You can attend the live event on May 3rd at ArtHaus, 3343 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205 ArtBash Reception and Silent Auction Event 7-10 pm

Watercolor Markers

Watercolor Markers

Watercolor Cherish Flieder 4 min read

Love the look and feel of watercolor, but lack expertise? Try watercolor markers! This month’s blog hop theme is “Favorite Craft Techniques.” While I have many craft techniques that I enjoy, lately I have been experiencing the joy of Koi watercolor markers. They come to a lovely tip and you can do all sorts of traditional marker…

Make Photo Gifts to Cherish with Flip-Pal Scanner

Make Photo Gifts to Cherish with Flip-Pal

Crafts, Technology Cherish Flieder 5 min read

Christmas is just around the corner! Did you know personalized gifts are trending? Well, of course they are because in our age of cookie-cutter machine made, mass produced items, a personalized gift really is something to cherish!

Never Forget, You Are Loved

Cards, Inspiration/Motivation Cherish Flieder 1 min read

This is a simple card I make with handmade paper. I lined the inside with a cut of scrapbook paper and embellished it with 2 felt flowers and a ribbon. I think the way the fold is offset adds a nice element of beauty, don’t you agree?

DIY: Silk Ribbon on Vintage Perfume Bottle

Crafts Cherish Flieder 1 min read

Recently, I have been experimenting with hand dyed silk ribbon for crafts. I love how the colors mimic the patterns I can get in my watercolor paints. I also have enjoyed shredding the edges of the ribbon to get interesting frayed curling effects.

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