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Last year, illustrator and licensing artist Alex Colombo, interviewed me about my style, themes and technique. Since then we have got to know each other more through social media and today I want to share with you all about her background and the wonderful things she is doing with her art and blog.

Alex Colombo is an Italian artist and designer who has lived in the U.S. for many years. Originally from Milan, Italy, Alex has a background in fine arts, architecture, and textile design. She worked in interior design for many years and most recently she has transitioned into illustration and now art licensing.


“It all started while I was surfing the web for ideas on what to do with my art,” says Alex. She’s been painting since she was five years old. “Some two years ago, as I was transitioning from interior design to illustration & crafts, I was hand painting and selling my prints and cards through local shops and fairs as well as publishing and marketing my first illustrated children’s book. Surtex is now less than one week away and here I am, ready for the best licensing show of the year!”

AlexColombo - The Blue Sun

What is something you cherish? – I asked Alex. “Arts, artists, beauty, nature, production and teamwork. I love collaborative projects, I have learned and taught a lot by sharing with other professionals.” Alex also added, “when I did interior design I learned team work. I learned to respect other views and also have a more logical approach to my own work. I had to understand every single part of a project, how other trades that share the load with you or around you work. It’s indispensable to collaborate well if I wanted to get a project fully done, and done well, within budget and on schedule.”

Another thing Alex cherishes is helping others. “I like to create and part of that creativity is to help others, especially artists, achieve their goals. So I like to cherish, encourage and help them become successful, and everyone else will win too.” Alex really enjoys friendly chats with other artists and admires their work so much that she started publishing whole interviews about them and their journeys in the art world. The blog, ‘The Moon From My Attic,’ now has a great following and provides new and established artists a forum to share their stories and explorations in the art licensing world.

 “Thank you Cherish! and see you at Surtex!”

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