Fabric Paint Fashion Handbag

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags

This summer I taught my little sister how to fabric paint fashion handbags.

She spent a vacation week with me to go to art and music camp.
(She is a very talented dancer, actor, and singer.)
We had a very busy and fun week, but we did find a little time to do some crafting together.

I’ll show you step by step what we did just in case you want to
fabric paint fashion handbags with your loved ones.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags TutorialTo begin, we gathered up some blank fashion handbags, some Tulip fabric paint,
and markers that we found at our local craft store.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags TutorialBefore we started painting, we cut a small cardboard sheet to fit the inside of the bag.
This keeps the paint from going through to the other side.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags Tutorial

Next, we drew designs on our fashion handbags with the fabric markers.
My little sister is obsessed with pigs, so she decided to draw her favorite pig character, Paco.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags TutorialOnce we both had a basic plan for the designs, we squeezed some fabric paint onto a small plate
and started painting in the shapes using different colors on our brushes.

As you can see in my flower petals and leaves, it can be fun to make one side lighter
and another darker by mixing different colors of the paints together.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags TutorialTo make the painting pop, we decided to go around each object with the black
Tulip Dimensional fabric paint. This fabric paint is good since it’s washable!

Then we watched a favorite movie while we wait for the paint to dry.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags TutorialLastly, we added embellishments to make the fashion handbag extra special.
Here is a little pig button that we found at a local bead shop, easily sewn above the purse snap.

How to Fabric Paint Fashion Handbags TutorialAnd that’s it! Thanks for letting us share our summer vacation crafting memories.

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Happy crafting!

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