Watercolored Paper Flowers

How to Make Watercolored Paper Flowers

How to Make Watercolored Paper Flowers: Handmade Flowers Blog Hop Up-cycle your experimental watercolor paintings and make some lovely, textural watercolored paper flowers!

Something to Cherish - Watercolor Paper Flowers

1) Gather your watercolor paper (any kind will do) and paint the color of your choice on the back. I used big streaks to create some wonderful petal textures.

2) After your watercolor painting dries, cut large, medium and small petals in oval shapes. These will become petals for your paper flower.

3) Take a your threaded needle with 6 strand embroidery floss and pierce through one petal at a time, stacking them around the center of the flower. Curve each petal gently with your thumb to create dimension.

4) Cut out center pieces, you can make them look any way you want. The idea is to cover up the center where all the petals meet up and create a focal point. You may also want to use a complementary color in the center here as well. (i.e. Yellow Petals could have a Purple center or Blue Petals could have an Orange center.)

5) Glue the center pieces and hide the ends of your embroidery floss.

How to make watercolored paper flowers - Back

You can see my experimental painting on the back (I was using a wax resist to write letters on the paper before adding the watercolor. It’s a lot of fun. If you are open to mixed media, you should try it sometime!)

Optional: If you want to add a stem, you can attach a BBQ skewer with some floral tape to the base of the flower.

How to make watercolored paper flowers - FinishedYour finished paper flower is ready to go! Add it to any scrapbooking project, card, wedding decoration or Mother’s Day gift wrap.

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