Washi Tape Garden Plant Markers - DIY

Washi Tape Garden Plant Markers

Washi Tape Garden Plant Markers - DIYHappy May. Specifically, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today’s our first Monday, monthy CHA Designer Blog Hop (see the banner to the right to keep hopping). The theme is “How does your garden grow?”

My response…well, my seedlings got off to a late start so they are still sprouting up and growing roots. I’m just at the point where the little root balls need a container to call their own. That’s where today’s craft comes in. I usually make labels from recycled plastic jugs. It’s cheap, quick and does the job, but to be quite honest they are pretty ugly.

HiArt Washi Tape Garden Plant Markers - DIY with Penley Slim Sticks
As a designer, I’m always looking for practical ways to infuse beauty into everyday life. So, today I want to show you my new tags made from Penley Slim Stick and a small piece of Repositionable HiArt Washi Tape.

This gardening craft is so easy and would be fun to do with kids.


Washi Tape Garden Plant Markers DIY Craft Instructions:
  1. Unroll the tape to the length you want the design to cover the end of the Slim Stick.
  2. Carefully place the Slim Stick so it’s perfectly centered on the washi tape, side-to-side.
  3. Keep unrolling the tape and as you do, carefully fold it over the end of the stick so the washi tape is centered.
  4. Once you get the right length, trim with your scissors.
  5. Press the washi tape together. There should be a slight hang over where the tape will want to stick to itself. Crease it on there good.
  6. Now, get your your fine tipped permanent marker and your best penmanship to label each plant.
  7. Have fun placing your washi plant markers on your garden and pots. Enjoy the beautiful colors all season long.


So, what am I growing in my garden you ask? Lots of things, but particularly key ingredients you need to make a killer salsa! Tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeño are great to have on hand all summer for this delicious salsa snack. My husband Benjamin makes a very delicious salsa! I’m going to twist his arm to do a guest post this afternoon with his infamous recipe. Check back later to download this for yourself. YUM! In the mean time make some pretty washi garden labels for all your plants. Also, don’t forget to visit the other designers on this blog hop to see how their gardens are growing and more craft tips.

I can’t wait so spice up your day. Check out the salsa recipe here!

Ben's Cinco de Mayo Salsa


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