Radiant Orchid: 2014 Pantone Color of the Year

It’s summertime here in North America and we are still going strong with the color of the year… Radiant Orchid. It was declared last December by the Pantone color experts themselves. Personally, these shades of orchid have been my personal favorites forever, so I’m not surprised to see their dynamic versatility. With the perfect balance between a warm pink and a cool purple, this color can play off just about any color in the wheel with elegance and grace. It’s thrilling to see how this color can spread a large range of color interpretations as well. Check out these images from Pantone’s Radiant Orchid Pinterest Board to see what I mean.

Radiant Orchid Pantone2014 Pinterest Board Collage

Radiant Orchid Pantone 2014 Pinterest Board Collage


Radiant Orchid Pantone2014 Pinterest Board Collage Radiant Orchid Pantone 2014 Pinterest Board Collage

I love color. It’s a constant source of inspiration for me. Thanks to Pinterest and Facebook it’s easier to have color conversations and archive our favorites. Color choices are not only picked by trend, but also by personal tastes. Check out my Pinterest board to see what images and colors I’m drawn to. Here’s what’s happening this summer on my “Color to Cherish” Pinterest Board.

In the comments, please share a link to your most colorful Pinterest Board, so I can follow you too!

"Color to Cherish" Cherish Flieder's Pinterest Board

“Color to Cherish” Cherish Flieder’s Pinterest Board

Pantone's Color of the Year History

Pantone’s Color of the Year History

When you post your colorful Pinterest link, take a WILD GUESS… What do you think the color for 2015 will be?

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