Ways to Turn Your Home into a Luxurious Sanctuary

6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Luxurious Sanctuary

Guest post by Chloe Taylor

Everyone deserves a bit of pampering. However, if you feel like your home is not stylish or elegant enough, give it a glamorous makeover and turn it into a luxurious sanctuary for you and your family.

1. Decorate with lush pillows for ultimate comfort

This is an old decorators’ secret, but throw pillows really make all the difference when it comes to styling your home. Invest in a few pillows made of luxurious and elegant materials such as silk, linen, and cotton, and avoid cheap polyester. You can place them on your sofa for an elegant look or add a big one to your favorite reading armchair for extra comfort.

Indigo Turquoise Aqua Floral Watercolor Print and Accent Pillows by Cherish Flieder Rug Wall Hanging - Something to Cherish

“Indigo Aqua Watercolor Floral” wall art for your luxurious sanctuary by Cherish FliederShop Wall Art

2. Go fancy with lighting

Interesting and elegant lighting fixtures are a great way to add luxury to your home. Replace your old bulky chandeliers with contemporary fixtures and add a few standing lamps for extra light layering. They can make great accent pieces and make your place look well thought-out. If you want to provide your home with extra natural light, you can install excellent skylights that are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Add art for a touch of sophistication

Nothing says luxury and sophistication like art. So, replace your small pictures with a single big painting that will attract attention and show your art-appreciation. Don’t be scared to go really big with a piece that takes up almost the entire wall. Add an attractive frame to a cheaper piece to make it look more luxe, or opt for a more expensive option and visit a few galleries and art auctions and get a painting from a renowned artist. It will be a great conversation-starter and it will instantly add to the value and luxury of your home.

Night Blooms Watercolor by Cherish Flieder Rug Wall Hanging - Something to Cherish

“Night Blooms” Modern watercolor floral hanging rug by Cherish Flieder. Shop Wall Art

4. Give yourself a place to relax

If you work hard, all you want to do when you come home is relax and unwind. Give yourself a luxury relaxation experience by building a meditation room or a sauna. On the other hand, if you enjoy watching movies with your friends and family, think about transforming one room into a home cinema.

5. Turn your bathroom into a luxe spa

Not every bathroom can fit a Jacuzzi for 6, but stylish bathtubs always give it a luxurious vibe. You can also improve the look of your cabinets and install luxe marble floors. Floor heating is an especially good addition that will provide you with a warm touch of luxury with every step.

Aqua and Green Watercolor Flower Shower Curtain designed by Cherish Flieder - Something to Cherish

Green and aqua watercolor floral shower curtain design by Cherish Flieder. Shop Shower Curtains.

6. Treat your floors to a remodel

There’s nothing luxe about scratched floors with a dull finish so, give your flooring a bit of a shine. Call a floor maintenance service to restore your floor to its former glory and cover it with a nice glossy finish. Also, you can replace your traditional tiles and hardwood with glamorous mosaic floor tiles or show your love for the environment with chic floors made of reclaimed or repurposed wood. For a touch of coziness, find a soft rug that will complement and anchor the room and increase comfort. However, make sure it’s the right size and shape for your home.

Blue Marble Cove Original Artwork by Cherish Flieder - Artist Something to Cherish

Blue “Marble Cove” abstract paintings by Cherish Flieder paired with new floors. Shop Luxe Wall Art.

So, give your home a makeover and enjoy luxury throughout the day. You deserve it!


About the author: Chloe is an art historian and recreational ballet dancer. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about home design, since she is crazy about aesthetics. She is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

About Cherish Flieder

Cherish Flieder is an internationally-featured artist, designer, creative entrepreneur, and award-winning children’s book illustrator. Cherish’s designs have been seen in fashion apparel, books, magazines, greeting cards, gifts, crafts and more. She is the creator of Something to Cherish®, an artistic brand that joyfully connects with the hearts of women through her original watercolor mixed-media artwork on pre-treasured gifts, home decor, fashion accessories, and keepsakes. Cherish is also the founder of the art licensing community ArtLicensingShow.com. She regularly teaches marketing, illustration, design, and technology at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Connect with Cherish on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.