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Hello Instagram, I’m Back!

Follow Cherish Flieder on InstagramInstagram is one of those apps that I have used off and on for over 2 years, but only really posted a couple times every December. Their unstable TOC is probably one of the reasons that I was hesitant to use it too much. Some artists are still up in arms over this, check out the Graphic Artist Guild’s post for example. Many photographers and copyright holders think the Instagram terms are too far reaching, and they are probably right! I hope this gets all sorted out, but in the mean time, there are still some things I can share that don’t impede on my copyrights for art licensing.

The turning point for me was when realized how easy it is these days to share good quality images from my iPhone. I can watermark my images on my iPhone and optionally post them online, not only to Instagram, but also to Flickr, Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook and even email them to my Evernote. I couldn’t resist giving it another go. Plus, some of the filters are simply irresistible to the romantic side of me.

As an artist, I am ALWAYS learning, exploring and testing new things. I love the process of discovery as much as the act of creation. So, having a tool like Instagram at my fingertips is pretty cool, allowing me to share meaningful pictures with others that may also find them interesting or enjoyable. To be honest, I am still learning the ropes of this app, but so far I am loving how open the community is. Like Twitter, I can also connect with new people outside my immediate social media circle, which can make for even more exciting discoveries.

I really have no idea if this is going to be a long-term fling, but for now I am enjoying sharing my artist life with others. I have a lot more to share. In a way it’s a visual journal and comparison to the thousands of photos I take on my iPhone, it’s a very brief window into my world. But my door is open to anyone who wants to come over and visit!

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About Cherish Flieder

Cherish Flieder is an internationally-featured artist, designer, creative entrepreneur, and award-winning children’s book illustrator. Cherish’s designs have been seen in fashion apparel, books, magazines, greeting cards, gifts, crafts and more. She is the creator of Something to Cherish®, an artistic brand that joyfully connects with the hearts of women through her original watercolor mixed-media artwork on pre-treasured gifts, home decor, fashion accessories, and keepsakes. Cherish is also the founder of the art licensing community She regularly teaches marketing, illustration, design, and technology at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Connect with Cherish on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.