Best Practices in Web Development It’s always fun when a new book that you have helped to develop comes out. So, I’m excited to share with you Best Practices in Web Development Instruction. just recently released by iThemes. The best news is that it’s a free download!

Last fall I was honored to be accepted into the iThemes Education Program as a higher education instructor, teaching web design and marketing. It is a pleasure to teach my senior illustration students at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design who are wide-eyed and enthusiastic about the possibilities of today’s technology. Since 2008, I have been teaching there about 2-3 classes a semester. I have learned many things about what works well in the classroom and how to improve on areas of common difficulty. When you think about the history of mankind, the Internet is still an infant and there is still so much to learn and teach one another. This ebook was a wonderful place to share some of my knowledge and experiences. iThemes professionally organized all the information from several contributors into an easy to reference handbook of best practices.

I just want to say thanks to iThemes for giving me the scholarship to their educators program for helping me continue to do my best as a teacher in the world of this changing technology. I also want to say thanks for asking me to contribute to this ebook which will certainly be the first step in assisting many more teachers work together as we tackle the exciting new world of web design.

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