New Year New Perspective

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever his is.” – C.S. Lewis

An Easier Way to Set Goals

As we enter a new year, in our area, the ground is covered with white, sparkling snow like a blank canvas, fresh and full of possibilities. It can be exciting and overwhelming. How are you starting off the new year? As you set goals, are you making a giant to do list that would be intimidating for someone running their own country? Are you vowing to do better than last year? Or are you feeling bad that you haven’t made new promises yet that you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep? What if one of your main aspirations this year could be to simply enjoy your life more.

With a slight change of perspective, it is possible. Think about each area of your life such as relationships, finances, career or business, mind, body, spirit, fun and recreation. Try to write down at least one thing that would make it more enjoyable and more satisfying. How could you make it easier?

The best part is it could be something very simple. Here a just a few possibilities.

  • What if you devoted an hour or two a week to a dream or goal you’ve wanted to do for a long time but haven’t found a block of time to accomplish it?
  • What if you let go of the pressure of having a certain outcome or deadline?
  • What if you were trying to cut down on coffee or sodas and you add a glass of water in between each cup?
  • What if you shared a chore with a friend? My sister and I did this with some of our clutter and it was a huge help!
  • What if you gave yourself mini rewards to recognize your efforts?

What if you got in the habit of asking yourself how you could make something more satisfying and easier before doing it? You may come up with some great answers and even better a habit of enjoying life more.

Guest post by Sally Evans, a Creativity Coach and Jewelry artist, delights in inspiring clients to blossom and embrace their creative genius through her coaching, courses and writing.

About Cherish Flieder

Cherish Flieder is an internationally-featured artist, designer, creative entrepreneur, and award-winning children’s book illustrator. Cherish’s designs have been seen in fashion apparel, books, magazines, greeting cards, gifts, crafts and more. She is the creator of Something to Cherish®, an artistic brand that joyfully connects with the hearts of women through her original watercolor mixed-media artwork on pre-treasured gifts, home decor, fashion accessories, and keepsakes. Cherish is also the founder of the art licensing community She regularly teaches marketing, illustration, design, and technology at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Connect with Cherish on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.