6 Marketing Tips For Artists Attending a Trade Show But Not Exhibiting

Guest Post By Tara Reed

There are several trade shows for artists who license their art to exhibit at but you can also connect with manufacturers by attending a trade show without having a booth. Here are six tips to make going to a show worthwhile.

  1. Respect the exhibitors time. If you are attending a trade show in the hopes of meeting with potential clients and showing your art, be very aware that their first priority is to meet with clients and sell products. If they have time, they will often meet with artists, but that is a secondary priority at a show. If you show that you understand that and are professional, just saying hi and shaking hands can get your foot in the door. Follow-up after the show is key.
  2. Bring plenty of business cards. You need to have something to leave behind with your name, contact information and website to leave with anyone you talk to or to leave for a decision maker if they are unavailable.
  3. Get business cards whenever possible. If you talk to someone, ask for their card. If an art decision maker is unavailable, ask if you can have their card to follow up later. Collecting contact information is one of your prime objectives at a trade show.
  4. Take a postcard or something small that has a few samples of your art on it. Have something that can visually jog a person’s memory or give them an overview of your art and style. This will help a person remember who you are when they get back to the office after the show.
  5. Have a portfolio with samples of your work to show. Always tell the person you are talking to that you have a portfolio they can review if they have time but don’t force it on them. If they have time they will flip through but just meeting them and making a connection is good.
  6. If you can make appointments before you go, do it. Sometimes you can make appointments with manufacturers and other times you can’t but it is worth asking. If two artists show up at the same time and one has an appointment, they get priority.

Know as much as you can about the trade show, who will be exhibiting and who you would like to meet before you go. Focus on your goals and be professional at the show. Then remember that follow-up after the show is the real key to success.

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