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We tend to think of life as the big events like weddings, births, moving, and new jobs. But it is so much more. Each day and every moment contributes to the whole of your life. Being grateful for the little things and little moments every day can make a big difference in our overall outlook and attitude.

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand. Gratitude brings joy and laughter into your lives and into the lives of all those around you.” – Eileen Caddy

Sara Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance shared that “life had become an out-of- body experience for me. The more I focused on lack, the more depressed and worried I became; the more depressed and worried I’d wake up, the more I focused on what was lacking in my life all day.” She decided she needed to sit down and write at least 100 reasons for being grateful for her life exactly as it was at that moment. She was humbled by how very rich in blessings her life really was. After that, she began to keep a gratitude journal, writing down five small things she was grateful for each day. She became a completely different woman. After two months, she began to write Simple Abundance which has sold over 7 million copies in the United States alone.

If you begin to notice and express gratitude for 5 small things a day, will you become a best selling author or rise to the top of your field? Maybe not but what is likely to happen is you’ll have a shift in attitude. You’ll realized how blessed you are, that life is fundamentally good, and that there is hope.

So, as you sit down to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast this year, savor the moments and notice some of the details; the sound of a loved one laughing, the scent of cloves and cinnamon in the pumpkin pie, the feel of your favorite sweater on your skin. And try to continue giving thanks every day for all those little things. It might just make a big difference.

Sally Evans is a Creativity Coach and Jewlery Artist who shares insights and resources in living a creative and inspired life. Would you like to be inspired to remember gratitude and make it a habit? Sign up for a free 30 day email that includes inspiring quotes and a reminder to write in your gratitude journal. Click here.

Guest post by Sally Evans, Creativity Coach

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  1. Kermit Millward on September 1, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    I had to read your post three times to get the full meaning of it. I enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s too bad that more people do not comprehend the benefits of coaching. Keep up the good work.